401kInABox™ offers affordable rates for both plan set-up and annual maintenance! We are able to offer these attractive fees because you are in control- you use can our services when needed. Our service is electronic in nature, but if you should need any additional consultation, it will be offered on an hourly basis of $150 per hour. Please see below for our rates by plan type. Please note, that we require payment in advance by credit card. The annual administration will be automatically charged to your credit card at the beginning of each plan year.

At the beginning of each plan year, you will receive an email remainder from 401kInABox™ to upload necessary information for your annual maintenance and the annual fee will be charged to your credit card. You can cancel our service at any time with the 90-day advance written notice.

Solo/Owner 401(k)

Explanation of Service Fee
Plan Illustration / Initial consultation $99*
Initial Setup Fee $250
Annual Maintenance $250
Additional Services (if applicable)
IRS Form 5500-EZ Filing $149
Form 5558 Extension $99
Loan Processing Fee $149
Annual Loan Maintenance $85
Distribution Processing Fee $125
Plan Amendment Fee $125
IRS Form 1099-R Preparation $125
Phone Calls to Plan Sponsor $25/call
Plan termination $150

* Please note that this fee will be applied to your setup fee when you sign up. This fee will be waived for clients who are working with a Financial Advisor.

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Safe Harbor 401(k)

Explanation of Service Fee
Plan Illustration and Consultation $99*
Initial Setup Fee $399
Conversion Fee $499
Annual Administration including filing of IRS Form 5500-SF
Eligibility criteria for 401(K) Safe Harbor plan
Additional Services (if applicable)
Annual Per Participant Fee Up to $15 included
Additional Participants $10/participant
Distribution Processing Fee (if applicable) paid by employee $125
Loan Processing Fee (if applicable) paid by employee $125
Form 5558 Extension (if applicable) $99
If census and asset data is not received by June 28th of the following year $99
Plan Document Maintenance $125
Plan termination $699

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