About Us

401kInABox™ provides comprehensive qualified retirement plan design and administration services for small business owners and self-employed individuals.

We specialize in the cost-effective development of 401k Plans for small companies using our proprietary web-based system.

We make the annual administrative requirements associated with 401(k) Plans effortless and manageable by providing you with our easy to use on-line portal to submit all information. Just spend a few minutes giving us your employee census and plan financial data, and we will do the rest. We can design the 401(k) plan, help you start using it, and help you easily meet all annual compliance requirements, including an annual signature-ready 5500 Form to be filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Our streamlined approach to retirement plan administration enables our experienced consultants to take care of your 401(k) Plan needs without burdensome complexity - just a few easy steps. And we do this while offering superior service and below-market pricing.

At 401kInABox™, we believe that retirement fund assets are best spent by you. So we invite you to sponsor your own 401(k) plan at the lowest cost available in the marketplace; and then to grow your 401(k) plan assets with the lowest possible overhead cost.

Our company and its leaders have been in the retirement plan business for over thirty years. The 401k In A Box™ retirement plan solution we have developed is an ideal way to achieve your retirement security. And best of all, for an incredibly modest cost, it frees you to focus your time and energies on doing what you do best—building and operating your business.